A long overdue update on summer 2014!


Well, now that it’s definitely and decidedly winter, maybe it’s finally time for an update! 🙂 Here’s 5 things I learned over what was a wonderful summer and autumn here in Edmonton:

1. If you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen.

My goal for camping this year was 5, maybe 6 times if the weather held out until October. We went a grand total of… 2 times. Once you already heard about, and once was because my Mom invited us out to the site where she and my step-dad had their trailer for September long weekend. That’s it. We DID have a busy summer, all things told. I photographed more weddings than I ever had before. We took a 10-day vacation to the Okanogan that basically ate up three weekends all on its own. But still, there was time to fit some camping in, but it was never scheduled, and therefore it never happened. Continue reading “A long overdue update on summer 2014!”

Camping Adventure #1 – Elk Island Resort


Finally, it’s camping season!

For May Long, Finn & I packed up the car, and got the heck out of town! Just a little ways though, at least for this first trip. 🙂 After a mild snafu with our original campsite (note to self and others: the Lions Campground in Stony Plain, while nice and clean, is almost strictly parked RV’s and doesn’t permit campfires! OMGWTF!) we made a quick last-minute call to Elk Island Retreat, and they were lucky enough to have a tenting site available that we could have! It’s a great little private campground I discovered by accident on Google Maps a month or so ago. It’s about 20 minutes east of the city, just outside the west gate of Elk Island National Park, so it was close to the city while still offering a nice wilderness environment. They have an RV section, a gorgeous tenting area with nice big, private sites and lots of trees, and a couple of kilometers of trains through the wilderness to explore. There are also tipi sites, with a tipi set up on a platform so those without tents can still get out & camp, and some trappers cabins as well. It was just about perfect for us. Continue reading “Camping Adventure #1 – Elk Island Resort”

Feeding our neighbourhood goose


One of the side benefits of spring arriving at our house is that we are lucky enough to have a little park with a lake right across the street from our house. That means we have lots of opportunity for unstructured play in a (somewhat) natural environment. And in Alberta, a lake in the spring time means ducks… and lots and lots of Canada Geese. We happened to run into our neighbours outside that afternoon, and their son, who was born only a few days after Declan, wanted to come down to see the goose with us.

Feeding-our-canadian-goose-Hinterland-Princes Feeding-our-canadian-goose-Hinterland-Princes Continue reading “Feeding our neighbourhood goose”