About The Hinterland Princes

Welcome to The Hinterland Princes! This will be a blog about… well, about a lot of stuff. About camping. About outdoor adventures. About being a dad. About teaching little boys things that they need to know. About teaching them things that I think they should know. About adventures. About failures. About life, beyond the four walls of our home. About being at home out in the wilderness.

It’ll be about a lot of things.

The goal of my keeping this blog is to document the process of teaching my boys how to love and respect the outdoors. I am by no means an educator, nor am I an expert at anything outdoorsy. I spent 11 awesome years of my life involved in Scouting, and learned so much, but those 11 years ended a very long time ago and I’ve lost more than I’ve retained (I can still light a fire in just about any circumstances with only one match, though), so I’ll be learning right alongside the boys. Hopefully they’ll be learning too. More important than learning skills, though, is gaining a love an appreciation and connection with our natural world. This world we’ve been given is a gift so unimaginably valuable and fragile, and learning how we can become good caretakers for the earth is an important lesson to receive, particularly when you are young and impressionable.

Beyond just being serious though, I really hope this blog will be about a dad and his two little boys getting up to shenanigans having crazy little adventures, and a whole lot of fun too. Because what’s the point if you’re not enjoying yourself, right?



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