Camping Adventure #1 – Elk Island Resort


Finally, it’s camping season!

For May Long, Finn & I packed up the car, and got the heck out of town! Just a little ways though, at least for this first trip. 🙂 After a mild snafu with our original campsite (note to self and others: the Lions Campground in Stony Plain, while nice and clean, is almost strictly parked RV’s and doesn’t permit campfires! OMGWTF!) we made a quick last-minute call to Elk Island Retreat, and they were lucky enough to have a tenting site available that we could have! It’s a great little private campground I discovered by accident on Google Maps a month or so ago. It’s about 20 minutes east of the city, just outside the west gate of Elk Island National Park, so it was close to the city while still offering a nice wilderness environment. They have an RV section, a gorgeous tenting area with nice big, private sites and lots of trees, and a couple of kilometers of trains through the wilderness to explore. There are also tipi sites, with a tipi set up on a platform so those without tents can still get out & camp, and some trappers cabins as well. It was just about perfect for us. Continue reading “Camping Adventure #1 – Elk Island Resort”

Geocaching Failure!



In my never-ending search for cool things to do with my two little princes, I decided to give geocaching a shot. What is geocaching, you might ask? Basically, it is a huge, worldwide treasurer hunt using a GPS and a set of coordinates. You plug in the coordinates, go to that spot, search around a bit, and you should find a cache that someone else has left there. (You can read more about geocaching, the movement, and how to get started over here.) Sounds pretty simple, right? If Jake and his Neverland Crew can find treasure on a weekly basis, I’m sure i can manage to get my two munchkins to find a treasure box. As luck would have it, one of our favourite places, the Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary, has three cache’s hidden in its boundaries that are rated relatively easy and close to the main trails, so that should be right up our novice alley!

Little did I know, I would soon be quite over my head. Continue reading “Geocaching Failure!”