Feeding our neighbourhood goose


One of the side benefits of spring arriving at our house is that we are lucky enough to have a little park with a lake right across the street from our house. That means we have lots of opportunity for unstructured play in a (somewhat) natural environment. And in Alberta, a lake in the spring time means ducks… and lots and lots of Canada Geese. We happened to run into our neighbours outside that afternoon, and their son, who was born only a few days after Declan, wanted to come down to see the goose with us.

Feeding-our-canadian-goose-Hinterland-Princes Feeding-our-canadian-goose-Hinterland-Princes Continue reading “Feeding our neighbourhood goose”

The arrival of spring, a rainy day, and making plans

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”
                                                                                             Hal Borland

I think it’s safe to say that, here in Edmonton, spring has finally arrived. Depending on where you live, spring might be well underway. I see pictures from friends on Vancouver Island who have green lawns and leafy trees already; I still have snow in my yard, but the ice covering the lake across the street has finally given up hope and melted away completely. This has been a long, challenging at times winter. As much as a person can try to enjoy winter, and I personally find there a lot to enjoy about winter, that boundary between the departure of true winter weather and the genuine arrival of spring is hard. The world is ugly and dirty, the weather uncooperative, and the calendar moves even more slowly than it ever has.  At the same time, you can feel in your blood that change is upon us, and your energy increases. Daylight lasts longer into the evening, and greets you earlier every morning. Getting off the couch and out the door is easier. The air smells different, better somehow. Continue reading “The arrival of spring, a rainy day, and making plans”

Spring Breakerz at the Muttart Conservatory!


We just wrapped up spring break here in Edmonton, and due to a slight mix-up with the prices of flights (namely, that the airlines think it’s thoroughly acceptable to more than double the prices of flights during spring break), we treated ourselves to a bit of a stay cation, right here in our very own winter-locked city. One of our many adventures (most of which went undocumented) was to the Muttart Conservatory. If you’re unfamiliar, the Muttart is four separate glass pyramids, each housing plants representing a different biome: desert, temperate forests, and tropical forests. The fourth pyramid is a showcase one, displaying different displays of cultivated flowers, as opposed to the others that are more natural.

The pyramids are very geared towards children to explore, with little activity charts of things to search and find. For example, there will be specific landmarks you need to find, different colours of flowers, and different types of leaves or characteristics of plants to find. Finn had a GREAT time exploring, trying to complete his checklists. Declan was happy to be able to roam around and explore and see some plants and flowers without being fully dressed up for the outdoors. 🙂 Continue reading “Spring Breakerz at the Muttart Conservatory!”