Snowshoeing at the Clifford E. Lee Nature Reserve


Winter in Edmonton can be tough to really get out and explore a lot, especially with little ones in tow. There are lots of places to go and things to do, but you’re at the mercy of the weather, and how warm you can keep their little hands and feet. This particular winter in Alberta has been odd for the constant thaw and freeze cycle that’s been going on during what should be the coldest months of the year.

Trying to be brave and intrepid, I decided to take Finn out for a little bit of snowshoeing. It’s a great winter sport that I want to do more of as the years go by, exploring the parks and natural areas around Edmonton on foot, reminding myself what life looks at in the backcountry when all the leaves are fallen and snow lies everywhere. For starters though, I thought that the Clifford E. Lee Natural Area would be a great place to start: it’s close to our house, has a nice raised boardwalk for parts of the trail, and very gentle hills for the rest. It’s also not a very far hike at all, perfect for Finn’s first time out exploring in the snow like that. Continue reading “Snowshoeing at the Clifford E. Lee Nature Reserve”

Lets Go Have an Adventure – One Dad’s Manifesto

As is natural with any parent, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my two sons, and the things that I want to teach them as they grow up. That process usually ends up with me looking back and reflecting on the things that my parents taught me, the experiences we had and shared that maybe helped shape me into the person I am today. Inevitably, that leads me back to my memories of camping.

For as long as I can remember, summer holidays meant camping for us. We would hook on to the holiday trailer and head for the mountains and spend weeks going from one park to another, seeing waterfalls, mountains, roadside attractions, orchards, people, animals, and pretty much the breadth of what you can see from the highways in BC and Alberta. Even now, my parents (both sets of them) will holiday the same way, pulling the trailer out to a lake somewhere to set-up shop and relax and enjoy the beauty that we as Canadians have at our disposal. However, a lot of those holidays ended where the roads ended, or where paved, easy walking trails could take us. Hold that thought right there, and I’ll be back at it shortly. Continue reading “Lets Go Have an Adventure – One Dad’s Manifesto”

Welcome to The Hinterland Princes

Thanks for visiting The Hinterland Princes!

Welcome to my little site! I hope you’ll hang out a bit. There’s lots of stuff to be read over to the left, in the sidebar, and one day in the future, there will be lots of blog contents to read as well. Hopefully. 🙂

In the meanwhile, this is a list of some of the things I hope to write about, eventually:

  1. Camping with both my boys.
  2. How much I love my tent.
  3. That time we went to Vancouver Island and spent the night on the beach.
  4. Getting the whole family (including my lively wife) out and active in the winter.
  5. Finding something awesome waaaaaay off the beaten trail.
  6. Both boys attempting something way more epic than I could imagine right now.

I hope you’ll stick with us for the long haul!